Daily Camera Jpeging

By , June 30, 2008 11:22 pm

p>My parents hooked me up with their Nikon D50 for my birthday, and I really want to get into taking nice photos.nbsp; I used to take photos and video at work fairly all the time, but I never really did it for fun.nbsp; I’m going to see if I can’t get into some of the artsy fartsy stuff I’ve always wanted to try, and get some technical skills learned.nbsp; Also, I’m really tired right now and suck at thinking what I’m typing./p> p>Either way, first image is a cat.nbsp; Because LiveJournal = cat jpegs./p> p>a href=”http://presence.irev.net/gallery/daily”>img style=”margin: 5px” src=”http://presence.irev.net/albums/daily/aaa.thumb.jpg”>/a>/p>

6 Responses to “Daily Camera Jpeging”

  1. kenny_j says:

    We need video footage of this, kthx.

  2. ophy says:

    Like he’s got little hands. It’s kinda weird when he literally grabs yer hand to pull the treats closer to his gaping maw.

  3. kenny_j says:

    Does he still try to grab things with his thumbs? 😀

  4. wndrbr3d says:

    http://www.photozone.de for all your lens reviews and performance needs. 🙂

  5. ophy says:

    six toes will do that to ya…

  6. kenny_j says:


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