Audio Nerd Training

By , July 31, 2008 2:04 am

p>In a move to make us more potentially useful, a grip of us non-audio-nerds got shoved into a one-day seminar held by Yamaha’s commercial audio training crew.nbsp; Full hands-on training of the super duper PM5D digital board, culminating with a nifty little paper handout stating I’m certified to touch one “for reals” now!/p> p>a href=””>img src=””>/a>nbsp;/p> p>Shot was taken in a fairly dim room and I asked my buds there to stay still for a third of a second while I burned an image onto the CCD gained up to 1600 ISO./p> p>The class was pretty great for me, while I already knew a fair amount of “I know what I want, so I poke shit till I get there” common tasks, the class gave me a ton of shortcuts and proper procedures.nbsp; I’ve been using digital Yamaha boards for years now, so I wasn’t really too timid to begin with, but now I can’t wait to dive into the FoH board and pester the real audio nerds with suggestions on how to make my video production audio signal from them “better”./p>

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  1. hepkitten says:

    were you shooting at f5.6? does your ap open more? OPEN IT UP ALLLLLLLL THE WAYYYYYY

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