Daily Jpeg Fail

By , August 27, 2008 11:45 pm

Still suffering the wait while the damned $0.50 plastic mounting ring part is backordered to repair my normal lens.

In the mean time, on a drive home from working the show I went looking through an industrial park looking for shots. Totally couldn’t find anything interesting so took this 1-second exposure of the strip. Airport fence between me and the goods, plus cruddy location, plus no patience to be artsy = this bleh shot that I upload to teach myself a lesson: Dont jpeg when tired.

center>a href=”http://presence.irev.net/gallery/daily”>img src=”http://presence.irev.net/albums/daily/aas.sized.jpg” width=”98%”>/a>/center>

One Response to “Daily Jpeg Fail”

  1. catnjet says:


    I know it may not look good to you, but it is something the most of us do not get to see. As for clarity, again it may not be up to your standards. Thanks abunch for posting it. Take care…
    Luv Ya!!

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