iRev’s insane server load – Let me show you it!

By , December 1, 2009 10:21 pm

iRev, in its current home of a Celery 1ghz, seems to always be under a fascinating heavy load. I’ve been monitoring that load using a Windows Sidebar Gadget for the last year. I put together the gadget from example gadget scripts on the web, and while its not perfect it shows whats going on in iRev reliably. Only significant bug: one must go into the gadget’s settings at start up and hit the “OK” button.

Install the iRev gadget if you wanna try:

One Response to “iRev’s insane server load – Let me show you it!”

  1. Oin says:

    I use it, it is fun and tasty. It tastes like orange and lime and sometimes blue raspberry. It makes me happy.

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