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10 Years old, Half out of date

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By , December 22, 2009 12:08 am

Sarah and I just announced (via Facebook on an Internets!) that we’re pregnant and have updated our website. Its been 10 years since the last update on that website, so going back and editing the “About Paul” page is a little embarrassing. I linked to the awful “User Friendly” webcomic, for instance. And listed “Hunchback of Notre Dame” as a favorite movie. I know I said that, back then, cause I hadn’t yet seen Titan AE for OMG-AWESOME-ANUMATAN example. is now a mix of 10-years-ago and slightly current infos, but needs a considerable re-write. Oh you plain .html flat files, you contain such a timecapsule of static data.

Back then, a java roll-over button (not javascript, but a full .jar) slowed down the site’s browser load-times. Now, my poor little server is digging out content from an overloaded database engine, slowing down the load-times. 10 Years of Progress!

Oh, BTW, we’re brewing a child. So that happened.

iRev’s insane server load – Let me show you it!

By , December 1, 2009 10:21 pm

iRev, in its current home of a Celery 1ghz, seems to always be under a fascinating heavy load. I’ve been monitoring that load using a Windows Sidebar Gadget for the last year. I put together the gadget from example gadget scripts on the web, and while its not perfect it shows whats going on in iRev reliably. Only significant bug: one must go into the gadget’s settings at start up and hit the “OK” button.

Install the iRev gadget if you wanna try:

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