Various hacks I ripped off or wrote for whatever ocassion that I may need again in the future.
Workstation HowTo How I make FreeBSD into a workstation
404 Cute/Neat HTTP 404 Errors
Delete IP Alias How to delete an IP alias in FreeBSD
Redirect within Apache Conf Redirect browser within Apache Config File
Log all Bind Cache Hits How to log all queries in Bind
BindShell Howto My methods of putting a port-bound shell onto a server
Change contents of a file Lame way to change content in a file using perl. Should use Awk/Sed instead.
Gallery Pop-Up Window Hack to Gallery 1.3 to open images in a pop-up window, sized to the correct dimensions.
SSI Functions SSI Functions for .shtml scripts
find and xargs example Using find and xargs exmple
Something Desc
Something Desc